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The odometer goes to 99, Strangely, despite the store having 3 in stock for a long time, they shipped it to the store, which took about 3 to 4 days. I didn't try going to the store and ask them if I can just get one from what they already have. Got an email about Beater Bikes just now. Maybe good for flatland utilitarian cycling? These come in one size only. What's a front wheel stabilizer? It sounds to me that they don't trust their headsets. A spring that keeps an unloaded front wheel straight, to keep it from flopping when up on the double leg kickstand. It's really "select" an main triangle with headtube and stays.

Still seems like a nice deal on a great steel frame when it's already built up with older parts.

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One of these built up with a cobbled together kit of newer and older parts is my do-everything bike. Pretty sure you could convince them a WABA membership card counts for this. It's from I think. I'll probably stop by there early to get clipless pedals installed on my hybrid so I can figure them out before I switch to riding the road bike in a few weeks.

I think Planet-X is just open-mold Chinese carbon? But regardless that is still a great deal as I don't think you could build a Chinese carbon frame up with for that price. However, you can't use the bonus points until 5 to 7 business days after the purchase. See "Terms and Conditions" link at the bottom of the page for details.

I could barely get the gruppo plus wheelset at cost for that much - that's definitely a good deal regardless of how crappy the frame is.

Here's a bike for Mrs. Well, this is tempting. You just need to get rid of the funky brake lever setup to have a real looker. Get it, Dismal. You know you want to. You deserve it. Your wife will never know. Dyad rims are great, too. I had one on the rear of my Trucker. There's at least one set of each left in either the dinnerware section or up front by the cash wrap.

The brand is a pretty good too 5th. They match the my dinnerware set so I'm happy : Hey, AmericanCyclo -- 61 cm Bianchi Pista. I'm at the beach today. Pick it up for me? There's a dent on the top tube and some damage corrosion on the seatpost: This is the new one with built in USB charging system I believe that this is a 46cm Miyata GT with a 24" front wheel.

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For those of shorter stature, this is one of the best mass produced touring bikes. That's about as cheap as these get. Excellent improvements. It's too small for me and besides, I just bought a bike and have no room for more than one. But I figure anyone who bikes across American on a hybrid should get some love. How true is the sizing compared to, say, Pearl Izumi?

I can't speak to the men's sizing but their women's sizes run big. I just picked up the women's version of these the other day since they were so cheap and sized down to a small. For me the sizing is about the same, yes. The Performance bib straps are a little longer. You have to follow the deal instructions to get the deal pricing. I got advice from a mechanic that this stuff makes a great chainstay guard while still remaining transparent.

It is also good for spots around the frame that get rubbed by cable housings, etc. It's definitely more expensive -- but it is available 2" wide which I find works well for chainstay protection. And over time I guess the economics make sense e. Actually that stuff sounds better than the door guard film since it comes in 2" width. Laying two strips side-by-side seems like it won't look very good, and grime is bound to make its way into the seam down the middle.

I'd rather pay a little more for the right thing. How is the transparency of the helicopter tape? How is the adhesion? I've found that 3M products really do offer better adhesion quality than generics. When I've used electric tape to finish bar wrapping I will only use 3M.

FWIW now I use hockey tape friction tape to finish bar taping. The stuff is rock solid but I'm not necessarily completely sold on the looks. The tackiness goes away with some time and use. I have Prime. Anyone interested in splitting an order? From a LBS employee friend of mine, just in case anyone's interested. If I don't sell them soon, it means that we will order less Women Specific models for next year. I do not want that, I'd rather see a growth in the women sector.

I will be here through Saturday, and am willing to give a discount of the Women Specific Road Bikes we have in stock. I have only used it on one bike so far, but it seems great. I can take a photo later to show what it looks like. It is similar to transparent chain stay protectors I have used in the past. As for adhesion, it can be removed which is nice without leaving residue, but hasn't come off on its own at all.

I do clean surfaces with alcohol before applying, but nothing special beyond that. I love 3M's helicopter tape. I have it on all of my bikes, in spots where panniers or saddle bags rub the frame, and where cables cross, too. I've had some tape on for years, through rain, winter, etc. I fully recommend using it! Seems like a nice price for this pretty sweet looking Surly Steamroller complete setup. If only it took discs ok, it might, I didn't read that closely and had a break through for a belt drive Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered a pair of bibs. I guess the wiggle deal is not bad on those, then.

Still trying to decide how to stay upright this winter. I thought we all agreed from the covet thread that if you don't use panniers your bike is just a toy! We are the fringe of the cycling society! Not to be messed with! And also feared for our haphazard ability to cavalierly jump on and off our bikes and ride into the sunset! You all rock. They certainly weren't obligated to and could have easily told me to shove it since my backpack was now out of stock and I couldn't "return" and buy a "new one" anyway. The pannier set is just too polite to say it to your face.

I thought we all agreed that if you use panniers your bike is just a unwieldy, overladen misery-mobile! Not silly, just stinky. I am gonna throw my bag in the washing machine this weekend. If so, next time, you should take a picture of the world's worst placed bike rack. It is a narrow, two bike rack, that is placed approximately 6 inches from the wall, and is intended for bikes to be perpendicular to the wall.

It's unthinkably bad IMO. Discounts are taken in your cart. If you think I have a better option though, let me know! I have one as my primary "see where I'm going at night" light, paired with a lens to fan the light out horizontally. The bontrager is a better value at a bucks. I am sure a trek dealer isn't far from you. You can also check out the cree lights on amazon. They are much cheaper but the battery is external. For a you could have 3 cree lights. The bontrager light may be better. I just don't like that it lacks a helmet mount :. I switch back and forth between the road bike and hybrid depending on road conditions, so switching the light every few days may become a pain.

And it has a helmet mount. Looks like out of the bontrager, light and motion, and cygolite, the cygolite has the best reviews and highest lumens rating for my price range. Instead I ordered a helmet mount for my minidrive XL light. I don't think I need L to supplement my handlebar light, even in the woods. For my next light, I'll consider it, though. I am loving my Power Drive XL. I have a Mini Drive XL as well. The battery life of both of these isn't quite what Lezyne claims but they are still great lights and I dig the replaceable batteries.

I keep a Nitecore charger at the office and one at home. You have to make sure you get the "protected" ones. I tried to buy a pair and it wouldn't take the code. Is there some restriction on this? No knickers for you. They look too much like golf pants. Maybe that would teach me not to be so judgmental. I've procured much merino from this sale, all excellent, and it looks like they still have some stuff left.

The 'perform' jersey has many pockets that make me happy, but runs a little long though I doubt that's a problem for normal-sized humans , and a touch smaller than the other sans-pocket jerseys. This is a great deal. I had been eyeballing a camera for awhile and pounced on this. Happy birthday to me! Ooh and it's a men's camera. Sorry ladies, this one is stand-up only or something. Got a GoPro Hero 3 for the birthday, but figured for this price I could try it out and sell whichever I don't like. The video preview feature and improved battery life might just make this one a winner!

While in Sydney, I visited a few bike shops and noticed that winter is gear is now on sale there, though the commute is a bit long. I got one just for the great price. I'm pretty excited about being able to control it from my Garmin Edge. Like you can take a snap pic while recording video by pressing the button on the Edge.

Cool I think. But then I did a few minutes of investigation into the Virb Edit software and specifically how I would work with the video files on Linux The ability to control from the Garmin would be nice. As would the slimmer form factor, though I'd probably use a chest mount for MTB which gives the GoPro form factor an advantage. I figure I can do fancy edits in different editting software should the need arise.

But yeah, this isn't best design for chest mount. I just couldn't pass on the price. I kind of half expect to get an email from Amazon that it was a mistake.

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Yup, agreed on the price. Let us know how you find it. I'm still very tempted, despite potentially being more cumbersome to pull stuff off etc. Unfortunately subluxation of my shoulder popped out and then back in when I flipped over my handlebars on Tuesday night's commute will delay testing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Sorry to hear about your fall! Heal fast. My Virb hasn't arrived although the package they sent did They reshipped the camera so next week. Also, if anyone wants a suction cup car mount for a garmin nuvi let me know. I have one to give away.

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I'm pretty damn happy with this camera so far especially at the price: The unit feels nice and is easy to use. Very intuitive. Really, have no complaints. Here's some early samples: Still pic taken while riding and filming video: And here's a 8x speed version of my morning commute. With the basic version you add the activity. Use code PR at checkout. Went to REI to return a rain jacket. I bet other area REI stores would have similar deals. Sadly, REI doesn't seem to offer the Ortliebs in orange not that they're a high priority at the moment.

Anyway, FYI, tout le monde. It covers allmy requirments through the winter with an added layer or two. It's my go-to as well. No cleats though. I have a pair for you. That would be awesome! Got cleats. Bring em to caravan? Maybe should also go in the Freezing Saddles thread. I wanted something small and simple for carrying a lock, windbreaker, a snack, etc. Be budget savvy and enjoy amazing deals, free shipping offers, incredible gifts and more while shopping with Blueskycycling promo codes! As we all know, coupon information changes very frequently.

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