Glenn druery preference deals

Mr Muir was elected in with 0.

WA Election Wrap. The reign continues in Deakin.

Preference deals ‘an abuse of the democratic system’

Dunkley elects its first female MP. Kerryn Phelps concedes defeat in Wentworth. Election Night Blog.

Glenn Druery: ABC Radio National PM interview Senator Ron Boswell's minor party attack

Vandalism claims as Higgins goes to the polls. Whispers over preferences will soon be shouts of joy, but only for one…. RSS Feed.

Druery, Mr Glenn: 22 Mar Senate debates (

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Lessons in strategy and the art of the deal, with preferences wizard Glenn Druery University of Melbourne , Lucy Lovegrove. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share via Email. Abbott won a decisive majority in the lower house over the centre-left Labour government on Saturday but Milne said he would likely need support from six of an expected eight unaligned senators in the upper house.

Cars, guns and sport - small parties drive Australian Senate to distraction

Markets welcomed a return to majority government after six years of Labour rule, with Australian shares rising 0. Muir has featured in a social media video clip taking part in a friendly backyard fight with friends using kangaroo droppings. It was a similar refrain from the previously unknown Sports Party in Western Australia state, which is also likely to win a Senate seat. Gun ownership is heavily regulated in Australia but he wants to free up gun laws so everyone can carry a weapon.

In the News:

The unusual Senate results are partly due to king maker Glenn Druery, who set up an alliance of micro parties and helped them work out how to capitalise on the voting system for the Senate, where six candidates are elected from each state. But Mr Young was defeated at the November poll, later claiming his party had undermined his re-election bid through preference arrangements struck by his party and Mr Druery who is also a taxpayer-funded staffer to Senator Derryn Hinch. Both Mr Young and Ms Bourman declined to comment.

Key points:

Mr Bourman and Mr Muir did not respond to calls. It is understood that at the meeting Mr Young sought to defend himself but that the committee was determined to remove him. In a December Age article Mr Young confirmed a falling out with Bourman over preference arrangements in his Northern Victorian region seat which appeared to favour another Druery client, the ultimately victorious Tim Quilty of the libertarian Liberal Democrats.

Both Druery and his stable of micro parties including the Shooters have been coy about the preference deals for the Victorian election, and payments to Druery.