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Limit of 5 sandwiches, sushi, wraps, salads, pies, pasties, buritos and sausage rolls per customer per transaction. Range and variety may vary by store. Offer available while stocks last and valid daily between 11am and 2pm only from Thursday February 22nd until Monday March 26th Please correct me if I'm wrong. List every one of them..

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Thank you - JV. Not for the main posts. Not every Franchise stocks everything at the same prices. But does not having the price here on this page indicate it is NOT a bargain or deserve to be posted? If there are no prices , you can't compare , so therefore can't claim it's a bargain…. I believe the OP has more than demonstrated it is a valid post, which apparently according to the moderators are determined by the community.

Not by a single user, JV. YES this is a bargain. Might as well post 'Coles brand sandwiches' as a bargain as you cannot buy 'Coles brand sandwiches' cheaper anywhere else…. Making this post a ' Bargain ' and fine to post and why the deal has not been taken down. So why not go back and make yourself a sandwich whilst the community determines if it is truly a bargain or not?

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If you don't buy lunch from 7 Eleven then it's not a bargain for you obviously. This is a bargain… surely with the fuel app and all the free offers I'd assume that most ozbargainers are already quite familiar with the prices at 7-Eleven. If you can buy lunch anywhere else you'd probably not go to 7-Eleven!

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The food is pretty foul and full of artificial crap. But if you need it…. Phone interview, then group interview, then psychometric testing, then 2 x individual interviews. The interviews included, among other things, questions about my background, behavioural questions and which areas I am interested in working in. Why do you want to work for 7-Eleven?

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Tell us what you know about 7-Eleven. Tell us about yourself. What's a recent movie you watched and why did you like it? Tell us a time you had to deal with a difficult customer and what did you do? You decide that Choc Tops should be sold in 7-eleven. What are things to take into consideration before launching in stores? Tell us about a time you had to work with someone difficult and what did you do? Graduate, Mount Waverley. HR appreciate candidates how show tenacity and commitment. Provide examples of how you fulfil that requirement. Do your research about the company and what has happened in past and more recently - good and bad.

Think of answers to questions that would be both relevant to the workplace and to who you are as a person.

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Everyone's going to jump on the 7-Eleven website and repeat the information on there. Go into a 7-Eleven store, visit their social media, download their fuel app and take note of your observation. You don't need to purposely visit. Just drop by when you need to refuel your car or buy a Slurpee!

Employers want to know you're a brand advocate and thinking of how you see yourself being a part of the 7-Eleven team. If you're interested in digital marketing, take note of their recent campaigns. What did you like about it, how do you see yourself contributing if you were in the team, what do you want to learn etc.?

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  • Free slurpees available at 7-Eleven stores across Australia!

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