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East Windsor Bowl is a popular entertainment place located in the East Windsor. Buy a East Windsor Bowl gift card. Print your coupons on MoneyMailer. Sportsworld is a true multi-sport facility! Get Bowling business addresses, phone numbers, driving directions, maps, reviews and more. See below for more! Find individual business listings for businesses located within the city of East Windsor in New Jersey.

East Windsor Bowl recently bought this location and has made several nice updates to the alley. To obtain more information related to this alley, just tap on the View more button to check the complete info with all the contact and address information. East Windsor Bowling Coupons - getsetcoupon. If you are looking for a site to make your informal social gatherings lively, consider visiting East Windsor Bowl in East Windsor.

You can choose from traditional East Windsor bowling alleys or more upscale, trendy bowling alleys depending on the type of party you're hosting. New owners, place is getting some much-needed and long awaited renovations!!! The closed Ground Round restaurant is being converted to warehouse space. If your bowling league is not listed, talk with your bowling center management or your bowling league secretary about uploading your bowling league data to us using CDE Software's BLS Program.

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If you fancy playing bowling with your friends, this bowling alley situated in the surroundings of the city of East Windsor is an excellent option that offers all the services that fans demand. We also have a 80, sqft irrigated outdoor grass field, and a professional volleyball court. Welcome to Superbowl Lanes!

With our newly remodeled state of the art bowling center, bowling can now be more enjoyable than ever! We pride ourselves on customer service and on providing our bowlers with the latest state-of-the-art facilities. The perfect last minute gift. Welcome to the NEW. Let your fun side loose!

East Windsor Bowl. All over the place. What a joke as I watch the poor guys clean them up after our league is done right into the trash. They seem to go through the same process prior to the league as I see tons of their flyers in the trash already. If that was not bad enough i heard Debby yelling at one of her employees on Sunday because they did not get the flyers on the lanes. If I had to work for this person I would have quit a long time ago. Everytime I see her she is complaining about people not doing their jobs, like she is any better.

Remember you are a reflection of how your employees perform. Try motivating them instead of yelling at them.

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Works for me. Thanks for the recognition Last Year. Not as good as it has been though. Seems in their glorious wisdom that they have changed their program and now only give out games that expire sooner than the original ones and they can not be used on the weekends. Oh well, still a good value though.

They run. Why someone even bowls in a league is anybodys guess. Seeems as if you average or higher, even if you bowl 3 's you can not even cash. Now that makes no sense. When I asked them who is capable of bowling 3 's they explained to me that it is NO TAP which means if you get down 9 pins on your 1st ball you receive a strike for that frame. Sounds like another ripoff and a windfall for bowlers with lower averages. Wonder why they do not change the structure and have different classes.

Seems like this would have been fairer. Well any way maybe I will see you next session in our league. The guy that runs it is really cool and even helps with bowling tips. I am back.

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Pro Tour is back at Brunswick. Bleachers set up 3 weeks ahead of their arrival. Great job as the kids now use this as their jungle gyms lawsuits should start any day now. Good one from Good Old Days bowler. Sells his games, what a hoot. Did I mention our league once again took a back seat to High School tournaments and had to once again wait while they reoiled lanes for our league.

Oh wait scratch that, we just had to wait for all of the parents, students, and coaches to clear off of our lanes. They did not reoil because the staff was spending their time cleaning up soda cans and food from the high school bowlers and their audience. You know COKE cans from their vending machines and platters from their snack bar.

Once again the league bowler has taken a back seat to others. Tournament coming in on Sunday and I betcha the league does not start on time or they are moved to different lanes. Bottom line is I pay to bowl each week at a certain time and I pay good money to do so. Schedule your tournaments earlier or at least ask the league to start at a later time rather than have us all stand there in our coats and eying us up and down because we go on to the lanes to set up.

WOW I joined this great league and had a wonderful time with my daughter. At the end of the season I got the same thing that the other Adult Child bowlers received and I paid less than they did. Why do I call myself this? This is ridiculous for guaranteed income that the house would never realize anyway. I really think that if the house were to lower the league rates, bowlers may actually come back. Well next year I will wait and just not join. I have a suggestion for our league.

Do you realize we could now increase our prize fund by 12K. Made an inquiry concerning a summer league this past month. Wanted to speak with someone and was told Aida think I spelled this right runs the junior program. She was paged to the desk and let me tell you when I saw what a bother it was for her I totally changed my mind. What an attitude on this woman. I was told that the junior program had already started and that I would have to wait until September.

Come on, it was the week after Memorial Day. I usually have had a positive experiences here but this woman needs a serious attitude adjustment. Management may have to reconsider who they put in charge of their programs because she obviously was more interested in hanging behind the counter than staying with her league that she was supposedly called away from to talk with me. At least that is where she was the entire time I was at my lane bowling. Did the bowling after dark, friday and had the best time ever. Great night with friends.

Am a frequent bowler at Brunswick and I decided to write to let people know what a great facility this center is. Everyone is very helpful and pleasant. They do their best to satisfy their customers needs. Visit and see for youself. Well let me tell you something John. I was there this past weekend and your description of this woman Cathy was way off from what I witnessed. Some little kid came to her and asked about tokens where she begin to belittle the child becuse she was too busy doing some type of paperwork.

The parent was quite irate and confronted this beast of a woman and reamed her a new one. Kudos to the parent for sticking up for her child. Reading the posts and came across the one about the "older guy" named Ken. Thought it was kind of funny since I also had a similar experience. Wonder how he feels about being described as the older guy :. Seriously though I really do not think he is that old, just older than the typical teen working there. Was at a party a few weeks ago and our assigned party host was Meredith teenager.

What an awesome job she did and it was not an easy group to say the least. Kathy think she is older than Ken did an awesome job as well and checked with us to ensure everybody was happy.

East windsor bowling

I was quite impressed all was set prior to us coming in even though the party room was unable to be used. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Ken who I also honestly thought was the manager but was doing something or other with the Junior leagues. He was walking through and greeted me and asked if we all were having a good time. He suggested "we continue the fun" by asking us to sign up for a league.

Sometimes you can tell when an employee just likes their job. Ken, Kathy, and Meredith were really good at it and it showed in their enthusiasm. I am unable to commit to the offered time slots of any of your leagues but I thought it was really nice that Ken referred me to the sales manager Debbie who would work with our group to create a "themed league" as Ken put it. I was told that Debbie has been here for years and really enjoys working with the customers and that she would be able to answer all of my questions.

I really thought this was top notch customer service and would strongly recommend this house for party or league bowling. Picking up on traveling bowler's comments. Brunswick Zone Carolier is without a doubt one of the best looking and best run bowling centers in the U. I hope the U. S Open reamins at Carolier Lanes for years to come. Personally, I travel quite often through the tri-state area. And whenever I pass a bowling alley, I have an urge to try the lanes out.

I personally average around at most houses and I rate a bowling alley upon it's staff, how clean, and prices. Brunswick Zone Carolier has to be one of the best bowling alleys towards staff and especially on how well they take care of the place. A few other places I went to it was so dirty that I felt it would take years to clean. Stating that there isn't any place much better. Monday and Wednesday nights they have great deals as well. For when I'm in Central Jersey they will be expecting my business! The staff here is awesome.

There is this one guy that runs the place on Sunday nights that is always helping out the customers. I thought he was the Manager but it turned out he just runs the junior leagues I was told. He helped me out the last time I was there because I wanted bumpers down. I had been waiting forever when he noticed that I was a pit peeved. He walked up to me instead of running awa to see if all was OK. I explained to him I had been waiting 20 minutes to have the bumpers taken down. He did that and then 5 minutes later he gave to me and my son a free game and sincerely apolgized for any inconvenience.

He also talked to me about joining a summer league whcih I may do if he is running it. He is a fine example of what customer service is. I think his name was Ken and he was an older gentleman. See you for the tournament.

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This place is great!! I have been to quite a few bowling alleys from the midwest to the east coast and this is my favorite. Scotty O is the man! Go Mets The one guy was right though, there seems to be a LOT of drama there especially with the female staff; comes with the territory I guess.

All in all, everybody is pretty decent with the customers there. They're the best. Catch y'all next time. I will definitely give kudos to the staff because I thought that my bag with some accessories in it was lost for good during the US Open with no chance of recovery. After leaving my name and phone number at the desk, I received a phone call that the bag was found and they would be able to ship it back to me since I did not live too close. I think that was great! There's no place like home! This is getting stupid now. First of all these comments about Robin aren't needed.

Shes a nice person and has her lapses of being a nasty person. I wonder why that is You would prob be pissy too if you had that done to you. Debbie is a nice person too shes just extremely busy she runs almost everything in that place so thats why shes prob nasty.

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The service there is good. The front desk is always ready to hear what you have to say and are ready to fufill it. Customer service on the other hand has went down alot the CSR are never showing up when they are called for a problem and half the time i'm fixing the lane myself. The lanes are excellent still very predictible and accept friction alot easier than other bowling alleys. The food is also getting better but needs work. If you have complaints about the alley just keep them to yourself nobody wants to hear them. As they taught most of you in school treat others the way you want to be treated.

For all the people who think there horrible means your a horrible bowler. I shot my first here not sactioned. I love this place alot. Jeff doesn't know what he's talking about. Robin is always friendly and knowledgeable about the game of bowling. Whenever I see her there, she is always working hard to keep her customers happy. Plus, she looks great in jeans! The rest of the staff is nice too.

Just to come to think of it. You get to see many of the pro's just going here a whole lot. And even the underground pro's.

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This place is home to many of them and always will be. I was just reading through many of the comments on this site. And it really gets me pissed off. People are just judging a book by it's cover. Especially everyone saying Robin is hott or she's rude or etc Honestly, Robin is a nice person. You may have caught her at a bad time.

Everyone reading this, think back, were you always nice to every single person, even if you were having the crappiest day of your life? I don't think so, I think you may make a few rude comments to me. Plus many of the guys posting this is probably just staring at her nonstop and they just drool. Next is due to Debbie. Simply sign up for their email list and you will be emailed a coupon that.

They have loaded 6 coupons each good for one Free game of bowling. Free coupons verified to instantly save you more for what you love. Brunswick offers a variety of bowling balls to fit your bowling style. Top Rated Bowling. UP TO.