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So sad that "progress" took her away6. My family have been regular visitors for past 7 yrs. I think Disney Springs is losing its " magical" feeling with all these new shops that has nothing to do with Disney. I only shop at Disney stores so super excited about bigger World of Disney store.

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It would be nice to change show in mickey's PhilharMgaic. That type of attraction should be changed every 5 yrs or add second show. It would also be really great if more restaurants opened up in Magic Kingdom rather than Disney Springs. We hate the dining choices at Magic. Just back from Orlando and have to say that Disney is pricing themselves out of their market. After 11 years we did not pay the extortionate prices as the family have lost interest due to the over commercialisation. This may become a long term issue for Disney as they will have their own families and may look elsewhere to holiday.

In addition, Disney has completely forgotten that their older guests need to rest occasionally, preferably somewhere cool, and if they can't they'll go elsewhere taking family with them. One suggestion that many would love is a place to relax and get a foot bath to revive those aching feet! Over to you Disney We just made our last visit to Disney Quest.

You can tell that Disney is just waiting for this to die. Lots of things were broken or had already been taken down. We are not shoppers. We will never visit Disney Springs. This was just another nail in the coffin of our dying Disney dreams. I wish they would put as much money into updating dated attractions like Stitch or even Country Bears as they do into expanding shopping outlets. I visit Disney 2x a year, we generally eat at one signature restaurant per visit.

Other than that i stick with Ragland road, Paradiso , house of blues. I would be nice to bring back the AdventurersClub!!!! The only saving grace is they haven't ruined the Golf yet. We avoid the parks and just enjoy the resort and use the kitchen facilities more.

I think if more people do this disney would rethink there plans. Also Renting a car is now becoming more favorable. New update for Magic Kingdom coming soon. We visit Disney almost every year. We drop a boatload of money for our vacation and the last thing I want to do is head to Disney Springs to drop a boatload more. I miss the Adventurers Club which was a favorite and the high end shops will not be visited by us.

Seems as if the new concept has gone away from the "Disney Magic" we have come to know and love. Very sad indeed. So Pleasure Island 2. Disney must have these merchants in a horrific termed lease. From visitors comments and looking at my thoughts many will not be spending any large amounts of money for sandals we can buy on amazon at a huge discount. Disney Springs will be a joke for retail.

Maybe their view is that many customers do not have the transportation to leave the property to go buy t shirts, shoes, etc that they may need on their vacation. But I can tell you this, the decimation of pleasure island has placed a void in my Disney experience. Have fun all day at the parks.

Eat Dinner. Go out and live a little. Take in a comedy show, take in an interactive performance that sets you in a world where there is more to explore even at the expense of ineptitude. Enjoy a club where you dance like you haven't in years, decades. All gone. Lack of security? Losing market share? Profit margins not reaching goals? These can be fixed. Does a couple want to schlep out to a glorified outlet and overspend or would they rather enjoy evening entertainment?

I went many times as a twenty something. Made friends with CM. Made friends with other tourists. What does this equal????? Last week, I was told by a Disney employee that the Adventurers Club is still very much intact and does open once a year for a special private event. He also said it is very likely to reopen in the not too distant future. Sorry to say thats not true. The Adventurers Club frame is going to be the Edison, an "industrial gothic" restaurant and nightclub.

We are Disney regulars.. However, "downtown" Disney is rarely on our agenda any more Now for fun To bad Disney, in your search for the perfect "family" vacation, you forgot about the adults that pay for everything, and giving them an opportunity to have some fun too We've been coming to Disneyworld for forty years. Downtown Disney was always a nice escape from the crowds at the parks. Oftentimes, you could pull-up and park adjacent tithe World of Disney, stroll through the stores and shops that were unique to Disney or, at least, Disney themed.

Now in our 60's we find that with the new Disney Springs,parking is no longer convenient and the new stores and restaurants are not only very pricey but are far. Apparently the Disney Company is now more interested in attracting the high end consumer and has forgot about the goal of its founder, making it a place for all to enjoy.

I'm with Glen on this! Disney Springs is essentially a cookie cutter outdoor mall with overpriced food. I have to wholeheartedly agree with everything Glen has said especially the last part about paying. Does Disney ask the paying guests for ideas or just assume what we want? Have to agree with John. Love to shop at Downtown Disney but will probably never buy anything in most of these new stores.

We can do that kind of shopping at home. A larger World of Disney sounds great! We want to buy things that remind us of our special time at Disney It was unique and always crowded with adults of all ages. Every year we looked forward to that as much as our time at the parks. First thoughts on this. Been to Disney a lot and always have had a wonderful experience. So I'm ready for anything they throw at me.

However, these new shops and restaurants have big prices and boutique written all over them. The Art of Shaving ,a sandal shop and an earbuds store- really? Looks like Disneyland's Hope they do this more "Disney" style so it feels more cohesive. We have timeshare at Orange Lake Resort. We heard last year that they were to build a Downtown Disney at one of the entrances. Is this true?

Has anyone else heard this? Also have a time share at Orange lake but I heard in there will be a south village added with an opening to animal kingdom. Bring back Adventurers Club!! I just wish that they would have more classic clothing and items from yesteryear. The new stuff doesn't look that good.

Just saying. I hope they do something with Captain Jack's. We ate there during our family vacation. The food was outstanding as was everywhere we ate that week but service was horrible! We waited more than an hour past our reservation time to be seated and got one beverage refill the whole time we were there.

We were extremely disappointed. Are they going to fence it off and charge an admission fee? I am sure Disney is looking at all ways of generating maximum revenue. Adventurer's Club!!! And Dancing!!! My husband and I went for our 15th anniversary, and had a fantastic time in Downtown Disneyworld. There should be a few areas besides restaurants! We were disappointed that they did away with both the Adventurer's Club and dancing. While we love the parks, there are not too many places where old fogies like ourselves can go club dancing to early 80's music - if Disneyworld is about the kid in us, bring back those two!

When are going to put a fifth park and take advantage of their purchase of Marvel and Star Wars. Its not like they're not making a whole lot of money at the box office. Disney can't take advantage of Marvel in Florida. If Disney wanted to use the likeness of the characters they own inside any of their themeparks they would have to get permission from Universal and pay Universal a royalty fee. Closing that place was one of the worst decisions to come out of Corporate Disney.

While it is true that many of the PI night spots had moderate attendance, the Adventurers Club was constantly busy and had such incredible appeal it was a "draw" to the area all by itself. Come off of it. Update the actual parks and bring more thrill rides.

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Also, bring back the clubs and dancing. An 'expanded' World of Disney Store! Wow - I can't wait to see it. Over the top safari stories with a nice adult beverage. This sounds fantastic.

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  • My only concern is parking? There is hardly enough parking as it is.

    Wonder what their plan for that is? Is PI going to be taken out and become part of this Disney Springs? So many questions! Cant wait for the answers and more artist renditions! Just got back from Disney yesterday and they already have one of the parking garage open. It is an "intelligent" garage.

    Each parking spot has an "eye" in the ceiling which then communicates with the enterance how many parking spots are available on each level. Even better is when you are in the garage there is a digital display on each parking row indicating how many spots are open in that row. We have those so-called 'smart lots' here where I live.

    They don't work - half the time, vacant spaces are red and filled ones are green. They aren't very dependable, especially when you have someone right behind you and, what appears to be an open space, turns out not the case Checked out Disney Springs and much prefer the old version. Less chaos and congestion with the old downtown disney. It had its own quirky charm I suppose. My wife and I live in Orlando and rarely visit themeparks. The only park we really like is Epcot. We've thought about the yearly residents pass for that one.

    Parking in the new garages was a train-wreck. The had legions of attendants and security dweebs trying to sort things out, but they only made things worse. I will still park in the back lot, hopefully that will remain open. The lot behind House of Blues and Cirque. Um, no. Those are both definitely at Disney springs. I live here. Trust me. We park in the back lot too. It says in the article that Disney is building 2 parking garages that will have spaces. Don't forget, a lot of visitors arrive via boat or bus.

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