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I finished putting a Saga MB together, last year I had a couple of frets I had to take care of, but nothing major. The original hardware was cheap, but functional. I upgraded tuners, tree, and bridge to black Hipshot hardware.

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The information you learn and the feeling of accomplishment once you're done is priceless, in my opinion. It'll only be as good as the effort you put into it. Good luck!

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Sep 26, 9. May 24, Whateley Hall, Miskatonic University. Straight ahead standard versions with no customization available. Their guitar kits do. Reasonably priced IMO too. ThinCrappyTone and Spidey like this. Sep 26, Sep 12, The Garden State. Malak the Mad , Duder and Spidey like this. Sep 19, Delray Beach, Florida. I've actually started my first bass build Going to be based off of a '72 Fender Telecaster bass.

Kind of a no brainer to go with Warmoth for the body and neck, both being custom ordered. The body will be flame maple on swamp ash with a black accent layer.

Build your DREAM JAZZMASTER for less than $200!!!

Routed for a standard split p-bass pickup and finished in vintage tint. The neck maple on maple with a telecaster headstock, but a 1.

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  7. Also vintage tint. At this point I am just waiting on the body and neck.

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    Have everything else including Nordstrand pickups, Schaller tuners, Hipshot Kickass bridge, pots and wiring, copper tape for shielding and various screws, neck plate and knobs. Should be a fun project once I get started! Malak the Mad , jd56hawk and EatS1stBassist like this. Feb 21, Chicago, Illinois. I would avoid kits as their parts and wood are usually pretty crap.

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    Id just by parts online and find a project body and neck seperate. Mister Boh , jd56hawk , EatS1stBassist and 1 other person like this. Oct 1, Rubber City. I got a V-style kit from Pitbull. I haven't gotten to the frets yet,but figure I will have to do some work. However, the holes for the tuners are not symmetric in any way on a very symmetric design. Feb 14, Austin, TX. Dude, go for it. The point of a kit bass is less to come out with an amazing playing bass and more the experience of doing stuff yourself.

    In the process of building a cheap kit, not only do you learn to put the sucker together, but you learn to fix and improve stuff along the way. Tuner holes don't line up? Fill 'em and drill new ones. Frets aren't great?

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    File 'em into shape. Neck is bent a little forward? Cut up a Whataburger gift card and use it as a neck shim. Want to extend your strings to play in drop tunings?